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Please note: due to the application of high quality requirements and the delivery of labor-intensive work, the designs cannot be returned but can only be adjusted if necessary.


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The following washing instructions apply to the AngelGear bikinis:

* Rinse your bikini with clean lukewarm tap water within a few hours of every swim to remove chlorine or salt. Substances can fade due to highly chlorinated water.
* If your bikini is dirty, you can wash it by hand in lukewarm water with a little mild soap.
* Don't soak your bikini in the water for hours, but soak it in the water for a short time. Then rinse your bikini. (Never wring out) Hang your bikini to dry out of direct sunlight or lay your bikini flat to dry on the drying rack or on a dry towel.
* Only store your bikini when it is completely dry. If you store your bikini when it is still wet your bikini may discolor.
* Fluorescent colors (neon) are not lightfast / colorfast; they will fade much faster in bright sunlight and in chlorine than other substances. The longer in the sun, the faster the fabric will fade. That is why we cannot give a guarantee against discolouration by the sun / chlorine!
Follow the tips below to extend the life of your bikini:
* Never put your design in the washer and dryer, because Lycra, Spandex and Suede are materials that damage in the washer or dryer.
* Do not use bleach and donĀ“t let your bikini or item of clothing dry-clean.
* Do not iron.
* Do not use separate stain cleaners, these are often too aggressive.
* Avoid whirlpools, especially bikinis with reflective or shimmering material can damage this.
* Avoid direct contact with sunscreen and oil. These can damage the elastic and cause stains on the fabric.
* Pay attention! Avoid contact with rough surfaces (walls, roosts, slides, etc.). Because the bikinis are made of Nylon / Lycra, they will therefore start taking pills. (Fluff)


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Basic Fabric:         Shiny Lycra
Bikini Straps:        Mystic Lycra
Lace:                       Cotton
Cups:                      Molded Foam
Type of Beads:     Natural stones & shells